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Electronic Sonic

Electro-sonic can be known as the combination of Electrolysis, Bio Light and Quick Sonic! Carrying most up to dated functions. The Mermaid Electro-sonic system will act as a perfect assistant in salons, beauty clinics..etc, providing the all round completed treatments that's required from all kinds of customers. A system like this is considered as almost the perfect tool for skin and facial treatment, nearly leaving nothing undo for skin treatments.



¡´ 1Mhz Quick Sonic Wave
¡´ Micro Galvanic Current
¡´ Bio light

¡´ Electrolysis

Known as micro-galvanic current, specially designed current with program settings for fixed current strength and pulse speed. It's innovated to tackle in areas such as lifting, generating and stimulation.
¡´ Bio Light
Known as Cool Beam or Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT), it's considered as one of the safest and non-invasive way in the technology for skin treatment. Study showed that in every cell, tissue and organ in our body, vibrates with specific wavelengths and certain frequency. If the body is not in the right balancing ratio, our cells, tissues and organs will generate substances that they are not suppose to generate, such as fatty cell, aging, wrinkles¡Ketc, resulting the body in a bad unbalanced condition.
¡´ Quicksonic
P & C brings the world the concept for Quicksonic, directing today's beauty into the chapter of Skin Scrubber.It was once known as efficient and immediate visual result before, but why we still insist in improving on it. Because it is still has its place in the market and it is well known as pre-tool in most salons and clinics, where user starts the treatment off with quicksonic first before heading for the main treatment. Quicksonic employs the principle of vibration ( 1 million in a sec speed ) to clean and penetrate the skin.

Benefits from Electro-sonic

  • Facial Lifting
  • Cell Stimulation
  • Firming
Bio Light
  1. Red 635nm - Stimulation in Collagen production, fine lines and stretch mark reducing.
  2. Blue 472nm - Acne treating and skin calming. Technically know as to kill Porphyrins which is carried by bacteria causing Acne. Furthermore it has a calming effect for hypersensitive customers.
  3. Green 520nm - Aiming for pigmentation, skin discoloration , aged skin.
  4. Yellow 590nm - Rejuvenation in skin texture, stimulation in lymphatic and nervous system.
  1. Hyper Skin deep cleansing
  2. Skin sterilizing
  3. Dead skin cells, black heads removing
  4. Deep penetration
  5. Pigmentation, eye bag, wrinkle reducing
  6. Micro massage
  7. Improvement in cell activity, blood circulation

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